About H&C 

H&C Animal Health Founder, Chuck Latham, grew up on a farm outside of Memphis, Tennessee. Surrounded by a family of veterinarians, Chuck was raised with a deep love and appreciation of animals. 

As a veteran of the animal healthcare industry, Chuck saw a need to make effective pet healthcare products more affordable and accessible. With an extensive background in Animal Science and a passion for bringing innovative products from Veterinary to Retail, he started H&C Animal Health in 2013.

H&C Animal Health, named after Chuck’s grandparents, Henry and Clemmie, was created to bring products to retail that enhance the lives of both pets and their owners. The company started with just one product, ActivPhy Joint Health, and today has eight brands and continues to grow!

our mission

Bringing Innovative Products from Veterinary to Retail

At H&C, our commitment to pet health means we bring only the most innovative, highly effective and clinically proven products from veterinary to retail. 

what we do

Collectively, our team has over 100 years of experience in marketing, selling, and advertising to consumers.

  • We create new categories in pet retail by bringing innovative products from veterinary to pet retail

  • We make products more affordable and accessible to consumers by offering them over-the-counter

  • We bring new shoppers into retail by offering products previously only available through veterinarians

  • We invest in our brands by creating innovative marketing programs aimed to drive consumers into retail

  • We enhance consumer interactions by creating eye-catching packaging, displays and sampling programs

  • We offer in-store and distributor sales training to increase sales efficacy & develop product experts



H&C Animal Health

18403 Longs Way #102

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